Vol 38, No 2 (2018)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14510%2Flm-ns.v38i2

Dedicated to Academician Professor Constantin Corduneanu in celebration of his 90th Birthday.

Table of Contents

Cover pages v38n2 PDF
Vasile Staicu i-ii
To Academician Constantin Corduneanu on the Occasion of his 90th Birthday PDF
Vasile Staicu iii-vi
Almost periodic solutions in gross-substitute discrete dynamical systems PDF
Yoshihiro Hamaya, Kaori Saito 1-14
Multiplicity of positive solutions for nonlinear singular Neumann problems PDF
Sergiu Aizicovici, Nikolaos S. Papageorgiou, Vasile Staicu 15-40
On a development of the comparison principle in the stability theory of motion PDF
Anatoliy Martynyuk, Gani Stamov, Ivanka Stamova 41-55
The approximation of the square root of the total variation flow PDF
Viorel Barbu 57-66
Initial-boundary value problems for complex Ginzburg-Landau equations governed by p-Laplacian in general domains PDF
Mitsuharu Otani, Takanori Kuroda 67-104
A note on admissible maps satisfying compactness conditions on countable sets PDF
Donal O'Regan 105-110
S-asymptotically $\omega$-periodic mild solutions to some fractional integro-differential equations with infinite delay PDF
Enock R. Oueama-Guengai, Gaston M Guerekata 111-124
Threshold Maximal Principles and Error Bound Proprieties PDF
Mihai Turinici 125-156
Topics in Functional Differential Equations PDF
Mehran Mahdavi 157-174
Professor Constantin Corduneanu and the Ia\c{s}i School of Differential Equations PDF
Gheorghe Morosanu 175-178
The 90th Birthday of Professor Cosnstantin Corduneanu PDF
Mehran Mahdavi 179-184

ISSN: 2182-567X